Welcome to my website! I grew up in a family of artists and photographers. I started doing my own photography shooting film while living in the art colony of Provincetown MA on Cape Cod. I was encouraged to show my work in a friends gallery there and enjoyed great success selling prints, photo cards and posters portraying Cape Cod. The Cape is a photographers paradise!

 I moved to the Mojave Desert several years ago and acclimated myself to this new environment by learning to see the beauty of the desert through my camera. I lived there for over 15 years surrounded by an ocean of sand and Joshua trees instead of the Atlantic Ocean and Lighthouses :-) We relocated back to New England recently and are now living in Maine! I am looking forward to seeing all new places to shoot and enjoying the changing seasons once again!

 I switched to shooting digitally in 2004 and enjoy the freedom it has given me to not have to lug loads of heavy equipment around. I now just go shooting with my point and shoot Minolta A1, A2 or Canon 60D and a tripod. I find the freedom of being able to shoot hundreds of images without having to change film wonderful!

 I just recently switched to the Canon 60D and am looking forward to creating even more detailed images! I have spent several years learning and experimenting with Photo Shop and enjoy being able to create images I only dreamed of before. Shooting digital and learning editing has opened up the world of how I see things! I use several different filters such as NIK, Topaz, ReDynaMix and Virtual Photographer to enhance some of my images. Sometimes I use them very lightly, sometimes I create an picture combining many different images. It's like painting a picture with my computer and camera:-)

 I have a fascination with old things, hence my love of ghost towns, old cars, and antiques. I also have been having fun shooting macro images and it has shown me a whole world I never imagined was there in the center of a flower!

 My work is internationally known and has been shown in several galleries. I also have had my photographs published in the Provincetown Pocketbook for 5 years, Cape Cod Magazine, the Cape Cod Guide, and the cover of the Antelope Valley Lifestyles magazine. I have sold my images to the Southern Rock band .38 Special with my images of Danny Chauncey and Bobby Capps featured on their MySpace.com sites. The majority of my early images in these galleries were shot with the Minolta point and shoots. Most of the Cape Cod images were shot using a Nikon FG film camera.

 I am active at Betterphoto.com, and Flickr photography sites. I have had many photos place as winners and finalists and won 2 Photo of The Week in the Konica Minolta contest.

 My photographs are available either as matted hand signed prints, or photo cards. A few images shot on film during my years on Cape Cod may not be available due to some negatives being lost during the move to California.

To place an order simply : Email Jill at: jill@jodicephotography.com

All orders can either be paid for with a check, money order, or through PayPal with your credit card. Just make a note of the name of the image and email me.

Matted and hand signed

8 x 12      $75.00    with 11 x 14 mat

12 x 18    $100.00  with 16 x 20 mat

 Most images can be printed up to 16 x 20, but some have been created using Photoshop, by combining several images and can only be printed up to 8 x 12. It is possible to recreate them in a larger file to print larger, but the resulting image will not be exactly the same as I have learned a lot more about editing since the original was created.

 All orders shipped Priority Mail, or UPS. Prices for shipping depend on size and weight of order. Any order shipped in the state of Maine. will also include Sales Tax

 I retain full copyright of all images and they may not be reproduced without my permission unless by previous arrangement.

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